Clay Pigeon Thrower : The Ultimate Buying Guide

How To Discover The Best Clay Pigeon Thrower

Clay pigeon thrower is a vital device in shooting sports and is becoming trendy today. For a beginner or newbie in shooting sports they may confused with a few term usually used by clay shooters. First of all, what is Clay pigeon shooting? Clay pigeon shooting or also known as clay target shooting is the skill of firing at unique flying targets, known as clay pigeons or clay targets.

The shooters usually used a shotgun to shoot the targets and the machine which launches the targets is known as a “trap”. That is why sometimes you’ll hear somebody will call it trap thrower instead of clay pigeon thrower; nevertheless it is just the same thing.

Why they call it clay pigeon thrower? Well, shooting sports has been established ever since the late 18th century. The shooter is using a real pigeons at that time where the bird was placed under hats or in traps before released. As time goes by, the use of clay was introduced as a replacement for live pigeons. Indeed, one of the names for the targets used in shooting games is clay pigeons.

Clay Pigeon Thrower Comparison Overview

Clay pigeon thrower used to launch those clays high into the air and over long distances to see who the best shot with a shotgun is. This machine is commonly used at sporting clays courses, trap clubs, and shooting ranges but today you can easily buy it online or at any stores that sell this stuff for personal use.

As a matter of fact, there are already so many kinds of these clay throwers circulating in the market today. Hence, people get confused when it comes to choosing the best clay pigeon thrower that they can buy. The interactive chart of clay pigeon thrower below and the analysis that follows will help you decide what the best clay pigeon thrower that suites your needs. We all have our particular favorites on what makes a good clay thrower, and so I am.

How To Find The Thrower That Meet Your Needs – The Reviews

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If you look at the comparison chart above, I’ve listed six items/product from 5 different manufactures which is for me was among the best selling product in marketplace.  All of the items listed are under different types/categories of clay pigeon thrower which I will explain below. I will include the advantages and disadvantages of each category to help you choose the best machine that not only will meet your needs but also may save your budget.

1. Automatic Clay Pigeon Thrower/electrically powered

The first 2 items Champion WheelyBird Auto-Feed Trap and Do-All Outdoors White Wing Automatic Trap are automatic trap throwers and powered with electric to launch the target. They are normally powered by a 12-volt battery and can store a stack of clays in a hopper. This type of trap can systematically feed clays one at a time onto the throwing mechanism. The clays then released either by a hand or by a foot-operated switch.


Auto feed clays – This machine can store up to 50 clays in a cartridge at one time and you don’t need a buddy to feed the clays at all times. With the long extension cords available for the hand and foot switches, you can easily change your angles around the machine, no matter where you’re standing.


A good stuff usually comes with an eyes opener price tag. They are obviously more expensive compare with hand traps and manual non-electrical thrower. The price of this product in marketplace is ranging from around $200 up to $800. But if you are really serious in this sport then the price should not be a problem to you. The other disadvantage of this product is it is not as portable as hand-held thrower.

2. Manual Clay Throwers

The second 2 items in the comparison chart are Trius One Step Trap and Do-All Outdoors Professional Single 3/4 Cock Trap. This is a manual thrower, meaning that you will need a buddy to load and set the clay(s) by hand onto the machine arm. Furthermore, this kind of throwers uses a spring-loaded device which is hand cocked and then released by hand or foot.


If you are in a tight budget, this manual thrower is a best choice for you to consider instead of the more luxurious auto electric throwers.


The fact that this is a manual thrower, you really need a person to come along with you every time you want to practice your shooting skills. A person is needed to manually set up clays and cocked the launchers and it can only load with singles or doubles at one time.

3. Hand-Held Thrower

The last two products is MTM Clay Target Thrower with Pivotal Arm Swing and SureThrow Clay Target Thrower. These two products are the least expensive solution to throw a clay pigeon. It is a plastic hand-held device which grips and releases that clay pigeon when a person swings it.


You can get this low-tech device at as low as $8 in marketplace plus more with this simple device you can launch a clay at any angle you want.


You need to practice a little bit to throw the clays and the thrower can launch only one or two clays at a time.