5 Best Laser RangeFinder for Duck and Geese Hunting

A laser rangefinder is usually used together with a weapon which is either a bow or a rifle. Both weapons have their own advantages, for example the bow is easier to handle and set due to its small and compact size meanwhile the rifle covers greater distances with high accuracy.

The operation of a laser rangefinder is firstly, you have to fire a tightly focused laser beam of light at a given target to determine the distance of an object. This will especially come in handy when firing at objects and targets at further distances.

Apart from that, the laser rangefinders for beginners can measure distances from 200 up to 600 yards while advanced rangefinders on the other hand, up to 1200 yards. The type of rangefinders available on the market is divided into three which are the optical rangefinder, infrared rangefinder and finally the laser rangefinder, which is the content of this review.

The advantages of using a laser rangefinder is its magnification and beam divergence in which the laser beam covers larger areas so you can get multiple accurate readings to estimate the best distance when hunting.

Moreover, laser rangefinders can be widely used for various applications such as golf, surveying, ballistics and photography. For golf, rangefinders determine the distance of the pin while for surveying, it verify distances between trees and plot center.

Table of Content:

Magnification Power

The magnification power is the factor or number of times the sight picture of your target is enlarged. For longer ranges especially, magnification is essential and plays an important role in providing a clear sight picture thus allowing you to view the target to take a shot at it.

However, higher magnification power reduces your field of view so choose the right power wisely. For bow hunting, usually the power of 4x is used meanwhile for rifle hunting, magnification power of 6x and above are frequently used.

Objective Lens Diameter

Each rangefinder has an objective lens to gather light for your scope to produce a bright and high clarity sight picture of your target. A larger diameter objective lens will increase the amount of light being absorbed by it thus providing you with a vivid picture of your target.

Apart from that, having a fully multi-coated lens will also further increase the light transmissions which will further improve the brightness of your sight picture.

Measuring Range

The range measured by this laser rangefinder is the distance between your firearm and your target at ideal conditions. Most laser rangefinders has special features such as DNA and different kind of targeting modes to improve the accuracy of the distance measured.

Targeting modes such as scan mode help you measure the accurate distance of a moving target. With the right and precise distance, you can dial it on your riflescope for shooting during hunting.

Distance Accuracy

The distance between your firearm and target measured should be highly accurate so you can attempt an accurate shot at your target.
This accuracy is increased when using the laser rangefinder as the laser beam covers a longer distance hence getting as many readings as possible to finally produce the most accurate reading.

Top 5 Hunting RangeFinder

Bushnell G-Force DX ARC Laser Rangefinder Review

Equipped with a rubber-armoured metal housing, this laser rangefinder is not only sturdy and tough but also fully waterproof and fogproof hence being able to withstand any weather conditions. Also, the Rain Guard HD lens treatment feature further enhances the ability to adapt in any weather conditions.

Moreover, it has an angle ARC mode in which this laser rangefinder can be used with both bow and arrow as well as rifle. The bow mode provides horizontal distance of 5-99 yards while the rifle mode provides bullet drops and holdovers in inch, m, MOA and MIL measurements according to your preference.

Not only that, this product has programmable angle and trajectory feature to accommodate different weapons and targeting mode. The targeting mode available on this rangefinder are scan, bullseye and brush mode. These varying targeting modes allow you to determine distances of target from any range and angles with ease.

The vertical range that can be measured by this product is 5-1300 yards. It has 4 level of brightness settings so you can adjust it according to your preference. Apart from that, this laser rangefinder comes with a super sharp optic with magnification power 6x and objective lens diameter of 21mm.

The optics are enhanced with Vivid Display Technology(VDT) to increase light transmissions, clarity and contrast so you can view your target at any time, even during low light conditions. Also, the product comes with Realtree Xtra Camouflage colour so it can blend in with its surroundings when hunting in forests for example.

The LCD screen is easy to read and operate as it has clear lens and optics so you can easily view the crosshairs on the reticle and take a good and precise aim. The reticle has a red illumination colour so it has good contrast when outdoor hunting at night however it might be slightly hard to view under bright sunlight.

Leupold RX-1200i TBR/W DNA Laser Rangefinder Review

Powered by a CR2 lithium battery, this laser rangefinder has an objective lens diameter of 22mm. It also has a magnification power of 6x so you can enlarge the view of your target especially at longer ranges to get a better and accurate aim when shooting.

This product’s distance measurements can be switched between yards or meter according to your preference. Besides that, the lens of this rangefinder is fully multi-coated to increase the light transmission so the image you are viewing are bright and clear.

Furthermore, this laser rangefinder uses OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) instead of the standard LCD display so the readout is reflected into the light path of the optical system, therefore providing a clear image and an excellent light transmission. This OLED feature is also adjustable and easy to handle and set the brightness according to your liking.

Apart from that, this OLED display is easy to read with great optical clarity as well as fast-focus and clear lens. This in return produces a wide field of view and a clear and vivid sight view of your target. This product also has a DNA( Digitally eNhanced Accuracy) feature which provides multiple precise distance reading between your firearm and the target.

The maximum distance range measured by this laser rangefinder is from 6 to 1215 yards. Not only that, this product has simple and straightforward directions and is easy to use together with its quick set menu and advanced OLED technology settings. However, you can always watch tutorial videos online for better understanding.

Moreover, this laser rangefinder is waterproof, fogproof and shockproof hence suitable to be used under any weather conditions. It has a mossy oak pattern so it is highly camouflaged with the surroundings and is able to blend in with the terrain.

This product also has a selectable pluspoint reticle that act as your aiming point for any ranges. Also, it has a true ballistic range/ wind feature that automatically calculates the wind hold accurately during windy conditions.

Nikon 8397 ACULON AL11 Laser Rangefinder Review

This laser rangefinder comes with an ultra-compact frame which is small enough to fit any pocket or pack. In other words, it is portable, lightweight and easy to transport. This small rangefinder on the other hand measure distances from 6 up to 550 yards and display its readings in yard intervals and meter units on its uncluttered and easy-to-read LCD screen.

Equipped with 6x magnification power and 20mm diameter of objective lens, this laser rangefinder is made from multilayer coatings to provide a higher light transmittance across the entire visible spectrum so your sight picture is clear and bright.

Besides that, it is equipped with a long eye relief so your face can be protected from a heavy recoil of a powerful rifle for example. It also allows you to obtain a full viewing angle of your target to improve your aim. Also, this product is water-resistant therefore being able to withstand all weather conditions.

Moreover, the sight picture of target is of high clarity together with a wide field of view and precise yardage readings. Not only that, this product is programmed with Distant Target Priority mode feature which display ranges of your most far target among a group of target measured. This especially comes in handy when measuring target distance where the target is blocked by certain obstacles.

In other words, this Distant Target Priority mode is basically just Nikon’s term for getting distances on background objects. The first target mode is used for smaller objects at closer distances while ignoring the background target distances meanwhile the second target mode is used for long distances and background ranging.

The operation of this product is simple and straightforward as it operates on a single button operation. Hence, it is easy to adjust the settings and extremely suitable for the use of beginners. Also, it also is energy efficient as this rangefinder automatically powers down after 8 seconds of inactivity.

Wildgame Innovations Halo X Ray Laser Rangefinder Review

Equipped with a scan mode feature for constant ranging, this laser rangefinder provides automatic and instantaneous updates of moving target distances so you will not miss your shot on the target.

Moreover, this product comes with an Al scope accounting technology, also known as angle intelligence technology for calculating the angle compensation value when shooting at different angles.

Also, this feature lets you adjust the angle for elevation so you can incline and decline it to measure the distance from elevated places. This is helpful when your target is on the tree for instance.

Operating on a CR2 lithium battery, this laser rangefinder has a magnification power of 6x together with a 23mm diameter objective lens. Also, it can be used for both rifle and bow hunting so it is well worth your investment as it comes in a 2-in-1 package.

The maximum range that can be measured with this product is 600 yards of a reflective target in both yards and meters unit. In other words, the reflective target is also known as the target that will reflect the laser beam back to the receiver. Apart from that, this laser rangefinder is also water-resistant so it can be used in all weather conditions hence increasing its durability.

Not only that, this product is fairly simple and straightforward to use. Its display is easy-to-read and clear during daylight. However, during low light conditions such as night time, it is a little hard to view your target clearly since the readout is also black.

Besides that, this laser rangefinder comes with a nylon pouch included so you can always keep it in the case with ease when transporting it. Also, the sight picture is clear while distance measured is accurate for closer ranges however not too accurate for longer ranges compared to other pricier laser rangefinders.

Bushnell Michael Waddell Bone Collector Edition Laser Rangefinder Review

The setup of this laser rangefinder is rather simple as it operates on a one-button operation. In other words, you just have to press the power button to turn it on, press and hold it again for the yardage adjustments. Also, it turns off automatically when it detects no use in a short period of time. Hence, this laser rangefinder is very user-friendly.

Moreover, this product is compact and lightweight so it can easily fit into your pack and be transported around with ease. Not only that, it is equipped with a Realtree Xtra Camo pattern which has an excellent camouflage and rugged design so it can blend in with the terrain of the forest.

Apart from that, this product displays the exact distance of your target from 10 yards up to 600 yards. These measurements on the other hand are available in metre and yards unit in which you just have to simply press and hold the power button and it toggles between meter and yards.

This laser rangefinder comes with an objective lens diameter of 20mm as well as a magnification power of 4x. Therefore, you can view a clear picture of your target with an accurate measured distance. The figure error on the other hand is very minimal, around +/- 1 yard. Nevertheless, this product cannot measure distances accurately at longer ranges.

Furthermore, this product has bright and clear optics for increased light transmissions so you can view a clear and bright sight picture. However, it is a little hard to see your target clearly during low light conditions as the reticle and display is not illuminated.

This product also has a weather-resistant housing so it is rainproof and fogproof and ideal to be used under any weather conditions. Since it has no slope accountability feature, you are advised to hunt and shoot on flat grounds only for the best performance and precision.


In a nutshell, you should choose the best laser rangefinder well-suited to your needs. Factors such as objective lens diameter, magnification power, clarity and accuracy should be taken into consideration.

6 People You Meet at a Shooting Range

A shooting range is a good place to make new friends. There are a few kinds of clay shooters maniac you will meet at the shooting clubs. From the dudes dressed in head-to-toe tactical gear to the more casually attired shooters. Just take a look around, we bet you see at least one person from this list.

6 People You Meet at a Shooting Range

Clay Shooting Tips For Beginners: Lead With a Shotgun

hi today we’re talking about lead with a shotgun. We encounter a lot of shooters all over the country and may have trouble grasping the concept of how much lead they need to successfully hit a flying target. So today we’re going to talk about
that three main types of a lead and how to achieve the right amount of lead to successfully hit your target.

The first type of lead is called the swing through method. There’s a couple other names a shooters can refer to but we will call it as a swing through method. The swing through method is actually when the birds moving through the air, you mount and insert your barrel behind the bird. Then you accelerate through your target until the right amount of lead is achieved.

So you mount behind the target, accelerate through the target until the right amount of lead is achieve and then pulling the trigger.

The second type of lead we’re going to talk about is called pull- head. This is a little bit different and the fact that we insert our gun and mount on the target. Once mounted on the target, we accelerate forward until the right amount of lead is achieved.

So the difference between that and the swing through is, a swing through start behind and accelerate through while the pull-head, you start at the target and then accelerate through.

The last type of lead we’re gonna talk about is a sustained lead. So on this one, you mount the gun, insert in the barrel actually ahead of the target and then you try to achieve the right amount of lead, matching speeds with the target as you pull the trigger.

Well no matter which type of these leads you use, it’s very important to follow-through with your shot. Follow-through is continuing to move the barrel as you’re pulling the trigger for a slight and even for a slight second afterwards.

What happened a lot times of people acquire the target think they have the right amount of lead and and as they start to pull the trigger they stopped their swing. When this happens most of them are missing behind the bird.

The other thing to remember with a lead is it’s very important to keep our eyes focused on the target. Lot times of people are trying to see the amount of lead. When our eyes are focused on the target, our brain can calculate how much lead we need and we move our hands
to where we need to shoot. That is why our eyes need to always focused on the target.

The other common question we have is, how much lead do I need on the shot. Do I need 1 feet or do I need 5 feet. You can express it in those terms but it is not really the most effective a lot of times. It’s sort of like asking if a guys running 30 yards downfield and is gone at a 45 degree angle, how much lead does he need.

Well it can be expressed in terms of feet, but we don’t know if that’s the most effective way.
What happens is, as you focus on your target, your brain calculate the speed distance and angle of travel, your brain takes that data and your body responds accordingly.

So if your eyes are focused on that target, your hands and body will respond by moving the gun to where it needs to be. Now the only way to end up getting the right amount of lead
is through practice and repetition.

Like any sport and any activity, you need to get out practice and get that repetition.
One thing that’s very beneficial for a lot of shooters that have trouble knowing where they’re missing the target, front or behind, is to gain it from an experience shooter.

Just come out with them and lot of times they can stand behind you and say, hey you’re behind that one, you need more lead and you can work on it together. Otherwise, a qualified coach or instructor can really alleviate a lot of frustration with lead.

Lastly Winchester has come out with a great training tool called the Winchester TrAAcker Round. The tracker has the colored wad that travels with your shot through the air. So when you miss the shot you can see that wad and where it goes. It often helps to have a buddy with you that they can see it as well.

So then you can say, ohh man, my wad went three feet behind that target and i need more lead. As you start to go through the shots with repetition, your brain starts to calculate it, you become more accurate, you become more consistent, you hit more birds.

Hearing Protection for Shooting: Plugs VS Muffs

Im going to talk a little bit about the different types of hearing protection that you might think about using when you’re out at the range doing your shooting training.

If you notice in almost every video about clay shooting you’ll see that there’s a mix in what shooters are wearing to protect their ear from gun noise. Some of them are wearing earplugs and others using earmuffs.

Generally speaking I recommend ear plug, now first and foremost we have to remember that the reason you’re wearing hearing protection is to protect your hearing and what a lot of people don’t know is that ear plugs are actually higher rated in protection in almost every case then the earmuff.

All you have to do is go to your local gun shop or sporting goods store and take a look at the protection ratings, you’re looking for the NRR – Noise Reduction Ratings.

Certainly you can find earmuffs that are rated higher than some other ear plugs, but in almost every case that I can think at every gun shop and every sporting goods store I’d been to even hardware stores, places where they sell hearing protection for working with power tools and things like that, you’re going to see that the noise reduction ratings are going to be higher on these ear plugs than they are on the muffs.

If you’re looking for the most protection, ear plugs are the way to go, and also you can double them up. How, you can go ahead and take the ear plugs, put them in and put the earmuffs over them. But it’s important to understand that you’re not really doubling the protection.

Of course your gonna be more protected but you want literally taking the exponential number of the noise reduction rating and doubling it.

What I mean by an exponential numbers is that when you go up from 28 NRR for example to 32 NRR, you’re not just adding four points, you’re actually adding in exponential increase.

In fact when you go from 32 NRR to 33 NRR, you may not think that that’s a very big difference but in fact is very significant. Even a change in one number is significant and that’s why the difference between typical earplugs that rated liked 32 rating are going to be much much better than a 26.

earplugs and muffs protection

Theres also a package that includes plugs and muff as well as eye protection all together in 1 box and the NRR ranging from 27 to 31.

What’s important to understand is that a lot of people will for example recommend electronic hearing protection. While the electronic hearing protection is going to make it easier for a Range Officer or instructor, someone whose out on the range that actually teaching or for two people who working together to communicate.

It makes it easier for you to hear. Then you count on the fact that the electronic hearing protection will cut off and the muffs will provide hearing protection during your actual live-fire session. But it is important to remember that in most cases, a lower number of NRR you’re going to get from the electronic hearing protection compare to the earplugs.

Personally I’m going with ear plugs and just talking a little louder, being very clear on the range, being very clear in your commands and been very clear in your request in your conversations with other people.

If you combine the ear plugs with the electronic ear muffs, if you are hard of hearing for example in windy and noisy day or you have a large group of people that you are trying to communicate with, that may be the best bet for both protection and hearing.

I would caution you not to rely on the ear muffs for the best protection out at a range. You also get compromise when you put a stock up against your cheek sometimes where to open the seal on the ear muffs which can be very dangerous and even just wearing glasses.

Because most glasses with the ear pieces are not made to take into account the fact that you need a good seal 360 degrees around the ear and that can also compromise your safety.

So for my money i definitely go with the earplugs, yes it is a little bit harder to take it in and out and little bit more time effort and energy but they’re definitely going to protect your hearing at a higher level than the muffs on a live fire shooting range.

Trius One Step Trap Review

trius 1 step trap review

Keeping up your shooting skills in the off season does not require an expensive trip to the range. You can often do it yourself very easily. Please get permission if you have a little spec of land, you can use something like the Trius one step trap machine from Lyman.

Step machine actually been around for a long time, maybe around fifty or sixty years and its basically a stepped trap machine which allows the trap shooter to throw a clay target in the air with his foot and then fire the weapon. It works fairly well and it will throw singles or doubles.

It’s very easy to use this trap as an individual, just by yourself .If you are a target busting challenge shooter and need a little time to practice. This is the ideal product to do it with. Assembly on the Trius 1-Step Trap is very easy.

It took me about 10 minutes with a couple of adjustable wrenches. It’s easily adjusted for height and distance and you can also throw doubles with it.

Trius one step trap is basically a three legged trap and it has points on the front leg which go into the ground. The back leg is just a long straight piece and it has step on it. One of my favorite features about the Trius 1-Step is how easy it is to cock. It’s activated by pushing on the foot paddle with either foot.

What happen is when you push that step down it will releases the thrower and spring swings around throwing out your clay target.

You can throw one or two clays at one time which stacked on top of each other. Quite a bit of features on this trap consider that you are on tight budget or maybe just starting to try out to shoot clay. Its not very heavy and easy to pick up, carry and move around.

It does shake a little bit when you step on it, so you may take a little bit to get used to when you are trying to shoot and step on it at the same time.

This is a simple step trap and really good for the price tag which is around $80 to $100 dolars. It is a reasonable price for something that is durable and will let you shoot a clay target even if you are shooting alone.

No other manual thrower that can really beat the trius one step trap from lehmans. This trap machine appears to be a very solid construction, simple and affordable.

You can get it online at amazon.com or Midway USA but i found it cheaper at amazon marketplace. The fact that you get a quite thrower that will actually not only throw one clay but it will throw two clay targets and also throw on top of each other or they will throw them out from right to left.

Thats a pretty good value for what you get. Remember, don’t forget your eye and ear protection any time you’re shooting a firearm.

Sporting Clay Shooting Glasses : Smith Optics Ballistic Proof

Why do you need a ballistic goggle? It is your eyes, so if not you, then who else should be responsible to protect it. Therefore, you shouldn’t mind at all to invest in good ballistic eye glasses to protect your eyes. Actually, ballistic protection goggles are more than necessary, it is a vital accessory for every shooters.

Although the orbital cavities of the skull that host our dear eyeballs can provide some protection, our eyes are still extremely exposed to multiple risks; some of them are typical in our daily situation (bumps, scratches, wind, dust, cold, etc.) and it’s even more critical for anyone who actively involved in shooting sports scene.

We might thing that the unwanted incident is unlikely to happen in our daily live, but in reality it is not like what we think. The bad thing can occur in many ways.

During a jungle tracking, you are passing near a bush and a branch suddenly smash you in the eye.

During a shooting exercise at the firing range, a shell of a cartridge is expelled and unluckily going towards your unprotected eyes. While playing with RC helicopters, a small stone from the ground eventually bombards out violently, dragged by the wind generated by the rotor and hit you in the eye.

The situations listed above are only a few among of a long list of incidents that might happen to us at any time. Put our eyes at risk of serious injury, unless you use a pair of ballistic glass protection! Obviously, protecting the eye with this kind of glasses is quite necessary and the most popular and effective way to mitigate the risk of an eye injury is to use a good pair of eyewear.

Smith Optics Elite

Smith-Optics-Elite-LogoThe market offers several kinds of glasses, some of them are proven in terms of quality and yet many others, especially those from unknown sources and features are quite far from acceptable. This is why professionals should pick a highly regarded and prestigious brand of glasses like this one we are introducing to you in this article: Smith Optics.

Of course there are several brands available in the market today, but if were given a choice I’d go with Smith Optics Elite solely for its design, quality and its affordable price.

This American company is already a reference within different elite groups with models tested in the most diverse scenarios, even tough ones where deployed forces participate in combat actions. Smith Optics Elite is a subsidiary of Smith Optics Company which is known with its capability of providing a professional solution specialize in ballistic eye protection.

Their wide experience in designing and manufacturing all kinds of glasses has given them a great prestige and reputation around the world, especially in US.

PREMIUM protection

Smith Optics, with a central plant in Sun Valley (Idaho, USA) and a European head office in Florence (Italy), is a well-established company in the optical manufacturing industries.

They has been providing an extensive range of high quality glasses and eye protection products with great features since 1965, which contributed to their wide experience in terms of design, technology, reliability, ergonomics and capacity. They are combining all of this quality to produce even better products that meets the growing needs of different user groups.


Smith Optics product has been recognized in various sports (shooting, snowboarding etc.) and also in the professional military and police sectors. User satisfaction and their capability of producing a quality product had made Smith Optics into an undisputed leader in quality and sales volume.

Rather than advertising campaigns, it has been the buzz among those who wore it glasses which has attracted increasing attention. Smith Optics contemplates aspects such as technology, features, quality, resistance, durability, ergonomics and ideal price.

Some manufacturers offer ballistic glasses with ANSI Z87.1 certification which only protect against minor risks that can be pierced even by those little rounded plastic bullets used in Airsoft models.

Smith Optics professional glasses models, however, besides the ANSI Z87.1 certification, obtained military specifications MILSPEC that has ballistic capability to stop little impacts directed to the eye area. A Smith Optics protection feature is nothing less than a six hundred and sixty percent -660%- more than the ANSI´s protection capability.

Being able to stop pellets or little pieces and even stones projected to high speed, produced from an explosion. Like what happens in IED (Improvised Explosive Devices) used by insurgent groups and terrorists.

In more specific models, like glasses designed to be combined with ballistic helmets, it is guaranteed, as established by the rule MIL-DTL-43511D, its capability of stopping impacts of metallic projectiles .22 caliber of 17 grains- metallic cylindrical testing projectile type T37-, travelling to 183 m/s, some 409.3 mi/h.

Adding to Smith Optics glasses ballistic protection capability; we find a diverse feature that makes these models unique and superior to other products. Each pair of glasses has its own serial number making it easier for its owner to identify them.

It can be really helpful especially for logistic workers because you have a way to find out the date and batch of a particular pair of glasses; it’s also a valid way to distinguish real models from potential copies or falsifications that may be offered through parallel channels or unauthorized ways.

Another outstanding achievement of Smith Optics is the creation of anti-fog features. The key is to control temperature/humidity near the eye area reducing the presence of fog. There are three technologies involved: a special lining on upper part of the lenses, an active-passive design that creates the needed air flow to match inner and outer temperature levels, and a design that, conveniently separate glasses from face allowing fog dissipation for a great performance.

Ergonomics is another factor to consider, where they combines the functionality and style wisely. As well they offer new features like TLT technology (Tapered Lens Technology), which lessens the prism effect which can occur when the target isn’t perfectly lined up with the centre of eye. TLT technology in other hands will optimize clarity and sharpness.

Therefore, Smith Optics sunglasses delivers comfort, integrate with capability and remarkable innovative features. Also, the price is really affordable which lead to a greater satisfaction level for their user rather than other manufacturers. Their clients knew how good their product is and become their loyal customer for ages.

This is a clear sign that Smith Optics is in a positive way, a step forward against other more traditional or less develop brands.

Furthermore, Smith Optics eyewear is on the Authorized Protective Eyewear List (APEL) of eyewear particularly authorized by the United States Army, who used to play with top-rated equipment for use by US service members while on mission.

An Excellent choice

Smith Optics experience, quality and technology, distinguished over half a century manufacturing eye protection systems has been transformed into a wide range of glasses with zero tolerance to any flaw and aiming always for top quality product. In addition, their glasses include features like ballistic protection, anti-fog, TLT lenses; all this benefits put Smith Optics at the top of international market.

Smith Optics has become the first choice for professional shooters and is also worn by the most prestigious trainers like Pat Rogers. The variety of models is so wide that you’re sure to find the right one for you. The most popular models from the ELITE series, designed to work in the most hostile Operations Zone environments.

Boogie Regulator

smithoptics boogie regulatorI bet, you cannot find any shooters wearing a goggle at firing range, but if we focus on specific models in the market, both military and police, we must highlight the Boogie Regulator, which is designed to be used in hostile conditions with rough winds, sandy and other severe weather elements. It is a great fit for “military forces” and also for a high complexity tasks.

Among all available models, Boogie Regulator is one that really stands out for its superb simplicity and affordable price. Yes, it looks so simple but on the contrary, this model can give a real versatility to their user. Boogie Regulator is particularly suitable to use with all types of helmets. Users can easily wear the goggle without hindering the usability of the helmet, thanks to the low profile yet a clever armless design.

The design is Google-concept inspired but has been taken to a whole new level by creating a minimalist option for several uses which can be combined with ballistic and shockproof helmets. It also can be matched with NVD (Night Vision Devices) communication system and mixes successfully with weapons equipped with red dot sights like the famous Aimpoint. This model is nothing more than a special polycarbonate glasses without side arm or mount. It is held in position using a narrow but sturdy headband of rubber which we can find it in five different designs to satisfy all tastes and needs. Moreover, user also has other options such as gripping with a Velcro that can be pasted on the back of the helmet cover (currently it is common to find covers for the ballistic protection helmet with Velcro).

The Regulator Boogie comfortably attached to the sur-face which prevents any small particles of sand or dirt from sneaking around the edges and get in your eyes. There are a line of holes at the upper part of the glasses that can be opened or closed easily for ventilation, which is particularly to avoid the inside part of the polycarbonate glass from fogging.

Smith Optics Elite Boogie Regulator

Boogie Regulator goggle come with a single glass and the design offers maximum visual field. The lenses can protect the eyes against harmful UV A / B / C, it also meet US MIL-DTL-43511D goggle impact level protection of military specification. It is available in three colors: clear, gray and Ignitor. The clear glass is the most versatile with a transmission factor of Visible Light Transmission (VLT) of 100%, which is ideal for all weather conditions.

The glass use a neutral gray tone to reduce the transmittance of visible light up to 55%, which is useful in bright light. The newness pink tone, called Ignitor, which is a unique feature patented by Smith Optics Elite is designed to reduce eye fatigue while enhancing contrast and depth perception in all light conditions, it has a transmittance of visible light of 35%.

I must say that all this while, a typical goggle is so annoying and uncomfortable, you feel like something glued onto your face when you wear it. Not for boogie regulator, because discomforts and pains have not been an issue and I was pleasantly surprised with it performance.

For all of it benefits mentioned above, I still do not think that the goggle is suitable for daily use. It is design particularly for certain activities or in extreme conditions (military operations, extreme sports and windy weather or dusty environments) which is vital for you to hide your eyes behind the glass.
One more thing, Even though the anti-fog mechanism of the glass is very effective, the mist still can occur in some condition, but the vents work as they should to reduce it and making it invaluable features.

Aegis Echo

smith optics aegis echoThe Aegis Echo series is more conventional in usage but not in features. Accomplishing all of the MilSpec protocols, it adapts well to the day-to-day needs, from going to the shooting range for practice to driving open vehicles in dusty scenarios. Aegis Echo compact eye shield is very practical to use in clay pigeon shooting sports, in fact the designed itself is made for it

The flat aluminium arms make it easier to put on and off and to keep in place even when using headwear or helmets. For shooters, this was good enough because the arms are completely flat and suite nicely even when you use a hearing protectors (a common accessories used in clay shooting and shooting practice). In addition, this model has a wraparound design in order to protect the eyes from all directions. It is so light and the bridge of the nose used a very soft touch support that makes you feel so comfortable.

The Aegis Echo come with several lenses, which can be exchanged easily and quickly thanks, to the PivLock. It also can be combined with an eye correction lenses. All lenses have the same characteristics which are 100% protection against ultraviolet A / B / C radiation and meet the demanding military specification impact protection US MIL-PRF-31013 and ANSI Z87.1 standard. The lenses incorporate the TLT (Tapered Lens Technology) which corrects the image distortion, as well as a scratch-resistant coating and a very effective anti-fog mechanism.


It’s a very convincing mix of capabilities and comfort, in line with professionals’ new requirements. The Aegis Echo series offers many of these details. Besides, like the above-mentioned, they include a serial number at their upper front central part for easy identify by owner.
Aegis Echo eye protection glasses available in three frame colors: black, tan (tan) and the very famous MultiCam. They delivered with two lenses, one transparent to all lighting conditions and another one is dark to bright conditions. You can find the glasses Aegis Echo at Amazon.com for 94’30 € price tag (black or ‘tan’) and 103’51 € for MultiCam .

Pivlock V2 Tactical

Another Elite Smith Optics I model is the Pivlock V2 Tactical, which offered a modern design with full protection for all kind of usability. It has no weigh down and only offers stylish frames, which can be exchanged between the available lenses. Moreover the bridge of the nose can integrate in three positions to better fit the user’s need and taste.

The Pivlock V2 Tactical come with high quality hefty case which each lenses have its place. This glasses is available in black or tan (tan) frames and you can choose either two lenses (clear and dark) or three (clear, dark and pink – Ignitor) lenses. You can find them at Amazon.com for 124’21 € with two lenses or 165’60 € with three lenses.

Other choices

Tactic for its concept, but more classic and suitable for every day usage: the new models, Frontman and Terrace, designed to offer maximum coverage and eye zone protection as well as comfort in long time usage;

Chamber glasses offer a great coverage and remarkable impact resistance;Hideout offers many models in full camouflage; Director Combine style and features; Lockwood gives high impact capability and average size; Pivlock V2 Max committed to a modern design with arms fixed directly to the front lens, simple and effective. You can also choose three nose supports to achieve high adjustment and fixation even in very dynamic situations;Hudson provides a narrow profile to those who like thin glasses, or Prospect for those who want average size and wide arms.

All of the above models are equipped with features like high impact resistance capability in lenses or frames, according to the military standard MILPRF-31013.
As a conclusion, it’s important to say that many models are available in different lens and frame colors. Please take a look at the entire model and decide which adapts better to your needs. With any Smith Optics glasses you’ll always have top quality ballistic protection, antifog, perfectly clear and sharp image, as well as attractive design and very comfortable, all that at a very competitive price.

Champion WheelyBird Auto Trap Thrower Review

champion wheelybirdA clay pigeon thrower (also known as trap) is a device that aids in the clay pigeon shooting or inanimate bird shooting. Clay pigeon shooting is the art of shooting a firearm flying targets known as clay pigeons. A clay pigeon thrower or trap is relatively simple but there are different kinds of thrower. Some of the throwers have handled device while others require batteries to be powered and capable of throwing a lot of clays automatically. Which one is best for you? It depends on your specific demand.
If you looking for a great clay pigeon thrower have efficiency of auto with light-weight and portability; Champion WheelyBird Auto-Feed Trap can be a best choice for you.

1. Compact and Stylish Design:
The Champion WheelyBird Auto-Feed Trap is a great clay pigeon thrower comes with compact and stylish design. Most of the people like this trap for its durability and usability. This product is designed with current technology and made by only carefully selected high quality materials which ensure its best usage function and durability.

2. Light-weight and Portable:
The Champion WheelyBird Auto-Feed Trap is compact, light-weight and ultra-mobile making it very easy to move. This thrower or trap equipped with a pull handle and wheels which make it easy to move from one location to another location.

3. Electric Trap:
The Champion WheelyBird Auto-Feed Trap is not a normal handled device; it is an electric thrower or trap. It comes with 12-volt deep cycle battery. Through the fully charged battery, you can get more than 3000 throw, which is enough for even the most aggressive shooters.

4. Easy to Operate:
Another great feature of this thrower is that you can operate it by yourself easily with the foot pedal. What you have to do is just step on the pedal and a clay bird is thrown to shoot. This thrower can zing flaying birds up to 55 yards at the maximum angle of 30° which make it perfect for you shooting skill before birds going to fly. This trap also features 25-foot release pedal cord which help you to accommodates various shooting positions

5. Easy to Assemble:
The Champion WheelyBird Auto-Feed Trap is easy to assemble. It takes only a few moments. At first, connect the deep cycle battery to the trap. You can find this battery form the any auto store. You can enjoy around 3,000 throws per full battery charge. This thrower is also easy to store and transport.

6. Comes with instructional DVD:
This great thrower by Champion comes with an instructional DVD. This DVD includes all instructions about how to assemble the thrower, along with direction of how to adjust it and operate. Through the help of this DVD you can assemble this trap with an hour. It is relatively quick and make this is an auto trap.

7. On-off switch:
This thrower also features on-off switch. Through turning the switch to the “on” position you can easily turning on this trap. This trap also has an “off” and a “disarm” switch. It is important to disarm the trap before turning it off and moving it.

8. Quick Reloading:
The reloading of this thrower is quick, effortless and allows you to reload up to 50 clays in one time. This trap features also a throwing arm path indicator for increase safety while operating. The clay time is also very fast of this trap, around1.5 seconds per clay.


This great bird thrower has various types of useful features which make the Champion WheelyBird Auto-Feed Trap famous among its users.
Technical Information of Champion WheelyBird Auto-Feed Trap –

• Product Dimensions: 26 inches high x 13 inches wide x 12 inches thick
• Materials: Metal
• Weight:48 pounds
• Cycle Time:2 Seconds
• Hopper Capacity:50 clay targets
• Launch Angle Adjustment:30°
• Maximum Launching Distance:55 yards
• Release Type:Foot Pedal
• Release Length:25 ft.
• Throws/Charge:Approximately 3000 throws on a fully charged battery
• Throws:Standard 108mm and 110mm clays

Pros and Cons

• Pros:

The Champion WheelyBird Auto-Feed Trap is the perfect thrower for the shooter who wants to own a thrower that will help to improve their shooting skills. It is compact, light-weight, portable, easy to operate and comes with stylish design. This clay pigeon thrower is also famous for its usability and durability. With proper maintenance anyone can use this thrower for a long time.

The maintenance of the thrower is also quite easy. From the manual you can find out on ‘how to properly take care’ this product and apply them. Another good thing about wheelybird is that, it is very easy to store and transport.

Champion WheelyBird is recommended for those people who want fun and enjoyment with their friends and family through shooting the flying bird with an electric trap.

• Cons:

The WheelyBird thrower is mounted on wheels, which is sometimes it does have a slight tendency to “move” at the time of throwing, especially while on concrete. But this problem can be prevented by either keeping the thrower on a piece of carpet or on grass. Some consumers note that they face a few problem to assemble this device. If you watch and follow the instruction DVD, it’s not a big problem.
Looking at these cons, anyone can realize that these are minor fault and anyone can easily solve these problems. Overall, Champion WheelyBird Auto-Feed Trap is a great clay pigeon thrower.



Do All Outdoors White Wing Automatic Trap Review

do all outdoor white wingIf you’re searching for an affordable and rock solid automatic clay pigeon thrower, look no further than the Do All Outdoors White Wing Automatic Trap. It comes with a clean, beautiful and functional design and even can satisfy the most demanding shooters.

Do All Outdoors is a father & son company which love outdoors truly. This company is renowned to provide a durable, reliable and affordable clay pigeon throwers and other master crafted outdoor accessories.

They developed their first patented clay pigeon thrower in the early nineties. From the 19th century they are famous to providing the most innovative, affordable and highest quality products for the shooting, hunting and recreational industries.

Most of the products of Do All Outdoors have been field tested independently and approved by different organizations like North American Hunting Club.

The features, dimensions, accessories, pros and cons, consumer ratings and price of this automatic trap are described as below-

Ultra Smooth and Stable Design

The Do All Outdoors White Wing Automatic Trap is a great clay pigeon thrower that comes with an ultra smooth and stable design. Most people like this trap for its beautiful and stylish white color design.

The White Wing Automatic Trap is constructed with a powder coated steel frame and four leg base that can be easily set on the ground without stakes or bolts to hold the thrower in its place. This trap is also extremely smooth and quiet than other automatic traps such as Champion WheelyBird Auto-Feed Trap.

Easy to Move

Moving the White Wing Automatic Trap is relatively easy with a team of two men. If its set in one place and then needed to be moved, just hook up the battery and foot pedal and now you are ready to go. This automatic thrower also features 20 foot release pedal cord which helps to accommodate various shooting positions.

Electric Trap that Used Little Power

The Do All Outdoors White Wing Automatic Trap is an electric trap that uses very little power. You need to pick up a deep cycle battery to power this automatic thrower. You don’t need to buy the most expensive or biggest battery because of the White Wing clay pigeon thrower uses very little power. You can easily throw all day and still may have plenty of charge left for next day.

Easy to Operate

Another great feature of this automatic trap is that you can operate it by yourself easily with a foot pedal. This thrower also includes a safety ring attachment and a foot pedal release. The foot pedal release can be lengthened by using an extension cord that fits your own standard. This automatic trap can zing flaying birds 65 to 80 yards at the angle of 5° to 35° which makes this trap perfect for shooting.

Quite and Durable Motor

The Do All Outdoors White Wing Automatic Trap comes with a quiet and durable motor. This efficient and excellent motor features only two second cycle times.

Fast and Essay to Assemble

The Do All Outdoors White Wing Automatic Trap is easy to assemble. Assembly of this trap is fast and takes less than 10 minutes in the field. In a very short time you will be ready to go out to the range. This thrower is also easy to transport and store.

Comes with an instruction manual and DVD

This great automatic trap by Do All Outdoors comes with an instruction manual and DVD. From the manual and DVD you can discover all instructions on how to assemble the trap, along with how to adjust and operate this trap.

Easy to Disarming

This automatic clay pigeon thrower is also easy to disarm. It features a 3-way switch: right to turn on, middle to turn off and left to disarm. Once you are done, disarming the trap is an easy process. Remember that it is important to disarm the thrower before moving it to avoid any accident.


This great clay pigeon thrower has various types of useful features which makes the Do All Outdoors White Wing Automatic Trap famous among its users. The length, width and height of the Do All Outdoors White Wing Automatic Trap are 24 inches, 13 inches and 13 inches accordingly. The weight of this thrower is 51 pounds.

Other technical information of Do All Outdoors White Wing Automatic Trap :-

  • Made in China
  • Material: Metal (Steel)
  • Weight: 51 pounds
  • Cycle Time: 2 Seconds
  • Hopper Capacity: 30 clay targets
  • Launch Angle Adjustment: 30°
  • Maximum Launching Distance:8 0 yards
  • Release Type: Foot Pedal
  • Release Length: 20 ft.
  • Adjustable foot pedal cord


Do All Outdoors White Wing Automatic Trap is a good automatic thrower. This automatic trap comes with many innovative features with its ultra smooth steel frame and has a stable design. It is very efficient, durable, easy to assemble and easy to operate.

This White Wing automatic trap features 65-80 yards range, 25 target feeder, 5° to 35° adjustable angles, power cord steel frame, foot pedal release, safety ring attachment, aircraft aluminum arm for consistent throws, 2 seconds cycle time and powered by any deep cycle battery.

The Do All Outdoors White Wing Automatic Trap is a stable, efficient, dependable and automatic clay pigeon thrower for those people who are looking for a perfect trap that will be long lasting.


While most of the customers report that the Do All Outdoors White Wing Automatic Trap has been positive, a few users noticed some negative reviews. A user of this automatic trap found that the White Wing thrower stopped working after third use.

It may be due to the user’s problem of not taking care of the trap. Some consumers noted that they have faced a few problems to assemble this device. If you watch and follow the instruction manual and DVD diligently, it will reduce the problem.

By looking at all these cons, anyone can realize that these are not a major fault and anyone can easily solve these problems. Overall, Do All Outdoors White Wing Automatic Trap is a really the best automatic trap for shooting.

Consumer Ratings

Customer reports and reviews are mostly favorable on the Do All Outdoors White Wing Automatic Trap. The ratings of this automatic trap are excellent on Amazon. With almost 146 reviews, only 19 consumers gave this juicer 1 star rating and 76 consumers gave 5 star ratings.

This quality trap has 4.0 stars out of 5 stars rating on Amazon, which shows that most of the consumers like this thrower.

According to the consumer reports and reviews, it can be said that, The Do All Outdoors White Wing Automatic Trap is a very stable and durable thrower in terms of the quality, reliability and competitive price.


The list price of the Do All Outdoors White Wing Automatic Trap is $399.99. At the moment, you can pick up the Do All Outdoors White Wing Automatic Trap from Amazon.com for just $270.94. You can save up $129.05 (32%). Amazon.com also offers free shipping for this product.


The Do All Outdoors White Wing Automatic Trap is a one of the top listed automatic trap that will not let you down. This automatic trap is indeed powerful, easy to assemble and use. The ultra smooth and stable steel frame design makes this product beautiful. It is cost effective automatic trap with average features.

Compare with Champion WheelyBird Auto-Feed Trap, Do All Outdoors White Wing Automatic ($399.99) Trap is cheaper than Champion WheelyBird Auto-Feed Trap ($449.49) but has less features. If you looking for best features automatic trap with high price you should go to for Champion WheelyBird Auto-Feed Trap.