Clay Shooting Tips For Beginners: Lead With a Shotgun

hi today we’re talking about lead with a shotgun. We encounter a lot of shooters all over the country and may have trouble grasping the concept of how much lead they need to successfully hit a flying target. So today we’re going to talk about
that three main types of a lead and how to achieve the right amount of lead to successfully hit your target.

The first type of lead is called the swing through method. There’s a couple other names a shooters can refer to but we will call it as a swing through method. The swing through method is actually when the birds moving through the air, you mount and insert your barrel behind the bird. Then you accelerate through your target until the right amount of lead is achieved.

So you mount behind the target, accelerate through the target until the right amount of lead is achieve and then pulling the trigger.

The second type of lead we’re going to talk about is called pull- head. This is a little bit different and the fact that we insert our gun and mount on the target. Once mounted on the target, we accelerate forward until the right amount of lead is achieved.

So the difference between that and the swing through is, a swing through start behind and accelerate through while the pull-head, you start at the target and then accelerate through.

The last type of lead we’re gonna talk about is a sustained lead. So on this one, you mount the gun, insert in the barrel actually ahead of the target and then you try to achieve the right amount of lead, matching speeds with the target as you pull the trigger.

Well no matter which type of these leads you use, it’s very important to follow-through with your shot. Follow-through is continuing to move the barrel as you’re pulling the trigger for a slight and even for a slight second afterwards.

What happened a lot times of people acquire the target think they have the right amount of lead and and as they start to pull the trigger they stopped their swing. When this happens most of them are missing behind the bird.

The other thing to remember with a lead is it’s very important to keep our eyes focused on the target. Lot times of people are trying to see the amount of lead. When our eyes are focused on the target, our brain can calculate how much lead we need and we move our hands
to where we need to shoot. That is why our eyes need to always focused on the target.

The other common question we have is, how much lead do I need on the shot. Do I need 1 feet or do I need 5 feet. You can express it in those terms but it is not really the most effective a lot of times. It’s sort of like asking if a guys running 30 yards downfield and is gone at a 45 degree angle, how much lead does he need.

Well it can be expressed in terms of feet, but we don’t know if that’s the most effective way.
What happens is, as you focus on your target, your brain calculate the speed distance and angle of travel, your brain takes that data and your body responds accordingly.

So if your eyes are focused on that target, your hands and body will respond by moving the gun to where it needs to be. Now the only way to end up getting the right amount of lead
is through practice and repetition.

Like any sport and any activity, you need to get out practice and get that repetition.
One thing that’s very beneficial for a lot of shooters that have trouble knowing where they’re missing the target, front or behind, is to gain it from an experience shooter.

Just come out with them and lot of times they can stand behind you and say, hey you’re behind that one, you need more lead and you can work on it together. Otherwise, a qualified coach or instructor can really alleviate a lot of frustration with lead.

Lastly Winchester has come out with a great training tool called the Winchester TrAAcker Round. The tracker has the colored wad that travels with your shot through the air. So when you miss the shot you can see that wad and where it goes. It often helps to have a buddy with you that they can see it as well.

So then you can say, ohh man, my wad went three feet behind that target and i need more lead. As you start to go through the shots with repetition, your brain starts to calculate it, you become more accurate, you become more consistent, you hit more birds.

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