Trius One Step Trap Review

trius 1 step trap review

Keeping up your shooting skills in the off season does not require an expensive trip to the range. You can often do it yourself very easily. Please get permission if you have a little spec of land, you can use something like the Trius one step trap machine from Lyman.

Step machine actually been around for a long time, maybe around fifty or sixty years and its basically a stepped trap machine which allows the trap shooter to throw a clay target in the air with his foot and then fire the weapon. It works fairly well and it will throw singles or doubles.

It’s very easy to use this trap as an individual, just by yourself .If you are a target busting challenge shooter and need a little time to practice. This is the ideal product to do it with. Assembly on the Trius 1-Step Trap is very easy.

It took me about 10 minutes with a couple of adjustable wrenches. It’s easily adjusted for height and distance and you can also throw doubles with it.

Trius one step trap is basically a three legged trap and it has points on the front leg which go into the ground. The back leg is just a long straight piece and it has step on it. One of my favorite features about the Trius 1-Step is how easy it is to cock. It’s activated by pushing on the foot paddle with either foot.

What happen is when you push that step down it will releases the thrower and spring swings around throwing out your clay target.

You can throw one or two clays at one time which stacked on top of each other. Quite a bit of features on this trap consider that you are on tight budget or maybe just starting to try out to shoot clay. Its not very heavy and easy to pick up, carry and move around.

It does shake a little bit when you step on it, so you may take a little bit to get used to when you are trying to shoot and step on it at the same time.

This is a simple step trap and really good for the price tag which is around $80 to $100 dolars. It is a reasonable price for something that is durable and will let you shoot a clay target even if you are shooting alone.

No other manual thrower that can really beat the trius one step trap from lehmans. This trap machine appears to be a very solid construction, simple and affordable.

You can get it online at or Midway USA but i found it cheaper at amazon marketplace. The fact that you get a quite thrower that will actually not only throw one clay but it will throw two clay targets and also throw on top of each other or they will throw them out from right to left.

Thats a pretty good value for what you get. Remember, don’t forget your eye and ear protection any time you’re shooting a firearm.

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