10 Best Clay Pigeon Thrower to Look Forward to in 2019

clay pigeon thrower
Best Clay Pigeon Thrower Review : Throw it higher and even higher! With plenty of Automatic Clay pigeon throwers 2019 in the market, it is also called Skeet thrower, Trap thrower, Clay thrower, people are quite confused about which would be the finest. Because each clay thrower delivers a unique shot and have a performance of their own, it becomes difficult for users to judge each of their specialties and hence, they end up taking a muddled decision.

Not just that, there are different types of clay thrower which is auto-feed, manual cock and hand thrower. All of this makes us confused about which would be the best. Question for you is, how much money do you want to spend? And will you be throwing clays by yourself any significant amount? This post will hopefully help.

For a serious and professional shooter who shoot regularly and have some cash to spend, I would recommend either the Champion Easybird Auto-feed Trap, Champion WheelyBird Auto-feed trap, or the much more expansive Champion Easybird 6 packer. These are great options for most shooters, but if you in a tight budget and just wanting to have fun in shooting, you may want to choose a manual clay thrower or a handheld thrower. In this case, the Trius 1-step Trap and the WingOne hand-held thrower may meet your needs.

Top 10 clay pigeon thrower 2019

The list of clay pigeon thrower below and the review that follows will help you decide which one is the best clay pigeon thrower that meet your needs.

We all have our particular favorites on what makes a good clay thrower, and so am I.

ModelTypeTarget CapacityPrice
Champion WheelyBirdAuto Feed - Battery powered50$2++
Do all RavenAuto Feed - Battery powered50$3++
Champion WorkhorseAuto Feed - Battery powered50$2++
Do all Fowl PlayAuto Feed - Battery powered25$3++
Do all Double EagleAuto Feed - Battery powered90$4++
Champion EasyBirdAuto Feed - Battery powered50$4++
Trius One Step Trapone step trapSingles or piggy back doubles$9+
Do all Professional Single 3/4 Cock3/4 Cock TrapSingles or stacked doubles$1++
Do all Backyard 3/4 Cock Claw Hawk3/4 Cock TrapSingle & doubles$9+
Do all CompetitorFull Cock TrapSingle & doubles$3+

1. Champion WheelyBird Auto-Feed Trap – Best Clay Thrower to buy in 2019

First of all its very compact, very easy to handle.

The weight is minimum,  about 48 pound and with a two-wheeled frame with pull handle.

You can conveniently moves it around without any major problem.

The battery cable is very soft, yet thick and durable but a little bit short, its about 3 feet.

The pedal release button is very responsive and comes with a 25 feet cable. The swing arm is all aluminum and its look great.

For the assembly it will take about 20 minutes and its pretty much common sense on how to put it on together.

The clay holder can hold about 50 targets and very easy to refill.

One thing about reloading the clay is, you need to hold the ‘release’ switch first because if you don’t the clay will keep dropping to the swing arm.

This trap can throw about 50 to 60 yards and the cycle time for the thrower is 2 sec if not even faster and the throw path is very consistent.

SO consistent that after a few throw you will get boring. But don’t worry because the angle is easy to adjust.

What comes in the box?

Straight from the box you will get an instruction manual and DVD, bolts and nuts, washers, plastic wheels, frames, clay guide rods, swing arm protectors, pedal release, battery cables etc.


What I like most about Champion WheelyBird Auto-Feed Trap is the auto operated mechanism and a good number of clays you can put in the holder plus the wheel and pull handle.

With this machine you can really focus on your shooting practice and it will be easier for you to get motivated to go out and have fun shooting.

Overall, this device works great and obviously much better experience than using manual foot operated units.

I can tell you that this trap has the quality, very well made and durable even though its made in China.

This is a must have trap and absolutely within your budget.


Not compatible with:

  • EasyBird Auto-Feed Oscillating Base
  • EasyBird Wobbler
  • Champion Single Remote Release

2. Do All Outdoors Raven Auto-Feed Trap

The Raven auto trap can be consider as a rival to the WheelyBird auto trap.

Raven trap is the first line of trap throwers from Do all outdoors in a couple years and this company is very excited about the implications they gonna have in the market.

The raven has a couple new features, first and most excitingly this trap thrower have a new hand crank on the back.

This hand crank is gonna allow for it to adjust the spring tension of the trap door in the field.

If you want the back of the spring tension of, just close the clay out there.

After that all you have to do is crank up the tension with your hand without having to use any kind of wrench.

So this will go from obviously 55 to 80 yards at full strength tension which is great for tournament trap or practice.

The handle with an easy rolling wheels make taking this to and from the field easy and the powerful motor cycle smoothly and send clays flying with no hang-ups to jam.

With this auto trap, you can practice both passing and straightaway shoot and no one has to throw for you.

The 25 foot chord with pedal let you operated the thrower yourself.

Practice makes perfect so for more fun at the trap range and more success in the field, grab this one now for yourself.

Well, Do all outdoors really help shooters turn their favorite shooting sport into year-round activity.

This easy to use automatic throwing makes your shooting trap a lot easier and a lot more fun.

With just a press of the foot pedal, Raven launches the clay targets up to 80-yards.

It can load up to 50 target magazine for more shooting and less downtime.

What comes in the box?

50 bird clay stack, 25′ foot pedal cord and built in wheels and handle.


Stylish look – Elegant black and good looking aluminium swing arm


Please bear in mind that when you fix the wobbler kit to your do all raven, you will loose the built in wheel functions.

3. Champion Workhorse Auto-Feed Trap

Workhorse from Champion Target is a new product, launch in 2017.

It’s a very compact trap, you don’t even need a big truck to go shoot. You can just throw it in whatever car you have.

It has a 50 capacity magazine, also has a two and a half second reset time and has three different angles that you can shoot.

You can adjust the legs just by pulling the pin and three different shot angles.

It also has a 25 foot cord so you could actually shoot all the way around the traps so you could really get a lot of great practice very quickly with this trap.

When you get this out of the box, what you need to do is just put the back legs on , with some pin bolt it on the front legs and then adjust the spring and you are ready to go.

You just need to get a car battery/deep-cycle battery to run this machine.

What comes in the box?

50 bird clay stack, 25′ foot pedal cord.


Compact and lightweight


Not compatible with EasyBird Auto Feed Oscillating Base or EasyBird Wobbler.

4. Do All Outdoors Fowl Play Auto-Feed Trap

First of all it holds a 25 bird stack. You don’t have to reload it all that much,  you can get 25 shots in before you even have to think about putting more targets into it.

It has a two and a half second recycle time. Meaning that every two and a half seconds you can get a new bird in the air.

It will simulating a duck or a goose, a pheasant, a quail whatever kind of bird that you want to simulate, it’ll do it for you.

It shoots anywhere from five yards to 55 yards. So you can simulate challenging shots and challenge yourself on the course.

Whether it’s sunny or cloudy, get the bird out there, you can have it coming at you.

You can shoot this trap with one person as it has a foot activated pedal release with a 25 foot cord where you can just tap on that release and it’ll shoot the bird in the air.

Making it to where you can do this on your own.

But you can also get a buddy out there and get him out in front of you or to the side of you.

do all fowl play auto trap

Check Price

The 25 foot chord with pedal let you operated the thrower yourself.

Practice makes perfect so for more fun at the trap range and more success in the field, grab this one now for yourself.

Well, Do all outdoors really help shooters turn their favorite shooting sport into year-round activity.

This easy to use automatic throwing makes your shooting trap a lot easier and a lot more fun.

With just a press of the foot pedal, Raven launches the clay targets up to 80-yards. It can load up to 50 target magazine for more shooting and less downtime.

What comes in the box?

25 bird clay stack, 25′ foot pedal cord.


A couple of the components that we were really pleased with and really like on this unit.

  • Ground spikes are included to provide a superior hold
  • Compatible with the Do-All Outdoors Trap Limo
  • Compatible with Wobbler and wireless remote

Only can holds a 25 clays

5. Do All Outdoors Double Eagle Auto-Feed Trap

Double eagle trap thrower throw 2 pair and also it will throw a single bird with just a quick minor adjustment.

This trap, just like all the other auto traps that produced by do all outdoors are easy to put together.

It comes with 8 stacker poles, a couple of wrenches for you, a mainspring, bolt, horseshoes to hold your birdcage together and four legs.

You will get 25 foot cord, so you can get away from the machine and kind of adapt different shooting angles.

This trap also run on 12-volt marine batteries, pretty simple.

One safety feature this trap have that really important is it comes with safety pin, which is i can say a common feature that all other traps do have.

When you are working on the machine, putting it together, then you always want to make sure that the safety pin is in it place to keep the arm from coming around and firing.

One other safety feature that is also common is the safety ring. It is basically just a visual indicator of the range that the throwing arm has.

You want to make sure that you are always on the outside of that, anytime the machine is operate or even if it is not. So, it is a good habit.

do all double eagle auto trap

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What comes in the box?

90 bird clay stack, 25′ foot pedal cord.


There is a couple features we want to highlight with the double eagle, one is the fact that it will throw 2 birds, throws 2 pair stacked on top of each other on one arm.

So when the arm comes around it will drop 2 birds and throw them about 55 to 60 yards.

One other feature that is real important is the fact that this machine will also throw a single if you want it to.

Basically how that happens is to take out the plunger and turn it upside down and then put the screw back in and you are ready to shoot singles.

This trap is also compatible with Do-All Outdoors wireless remote.

  • Not compatible with wobbler kit

6. Champion EasyBird Auto-Feed Trap – Best Clay Thrower with Wobbler

This auto-feed thrower could be my personal choice with its adjustable throwing ranges and smooth cycling.

The EasyBird trap makes easy for shooters to have lengthy practice session and fun with family and at the range.

The auto-feed detachable magazine holds 50 targets and can throw clay from 55 to 65 yards.

You can also make your practice challenging and fun with the EasyBird wobbler base and oscillating base.

The wobbler gives you 25 degrees a vertical movement and the oscillating base has 2 ARC settings for ATA competition.

Please note that this two items and the trap taxi are sold separately.

Made in USA, this professional–grade trap is ideal for skeet, trap and sporting clay.

This is one trap that rises to the challenge of fast action and rugged service.

Champion EasyBird Auto-Feed Trap

Check Price

What comes in the box?

50 bird clay stack, 25′ foot pedal cord.


Compatibility with EasyBird wobbler and oscillating base


Throw single only and heavy

2018 New Trap Machine : Champion WheelyBird 2.0 (UPDATED)

Champion WheelyBird 2.0 is one of the new products that we really excited to talk you guys about.

The WheelyBird 2.0 is a brand new auto-feed trap for this year from championstarget.com .

It was launched at the 40th Shooting, Hunting and Outdoor Trade Show (SHOT Show®) on 23-26 Jan. 2018 in Las Vegas.

So, what’s great about the wheelyBird 2.0?

What I’d like to do for starters is do a brief comparison between the original champion wheelybird and new model the wheelybird 2.0. So let’s start out with the original champion wheelybird, been an excellent performer for over the last three years.

It has done a fine job but the new model offers some substantial improvements. The tension of the original wheelybird you have to loosen the bolt and crank it down.

The new one has a hand wheel, the original carrier for the quays is not very sturdy, pretty flimsy it also has a plastic retainer on top. So you can see that it’s just not too rigid.

That’s kind of a pain in terms of cycle time. The original throws the bird about every two seconds and the new model they’ve speed it up somewhat is 1.75 second cycle.

The WheelyBird 2.0 has quite a few new features. It runs roughly the same price that the original WheelyBird. It went for I think 350 dollars or so, maybe less on sale but right around $350. For what you get that’s an extremely good value.

The wheels have been vastly improved. They’re larger and rather than being supported by just a bolt, they’ve got 60 to go – Conrad type double seal radial ball bearings, that’s a big improvement.

The top plate for the clay holder is now steel and extremely rigid. So that’s a vast improvement. Aside from the wheels, the generally sturdier construction. You can adjust throwing distance with the hand wheel rather than using the wrench.

Champion recommends that the projection of the screw should be set between two and three-quarter and three and a quarter inches from the side of the unit.

What you should be able to see right now is that I’ve got it set for right at three inches on the nose right in the middle so it can be cranked up a little bit more for a little bit additional throwing distance.

From the side of the base out to the end of the screw we’ve got three inches on the nose and we can go to three and a quarter. So in terms of throwing distance we’ve checked it previously but we’ll do it again.

This is good in the mid-range setting for right at 65 yards before impact. Well I should mention the Clay’s themselves that we are using also a new product from champion. It’s the champion bio birds. Whereas most conventional clays are made out of pitch to hold everything together which is not good for hogs.

Conventional clays can also increase acidity in the soil. The new champion bio birds, you’ll notice there’s kind of a tan color at the bottom. Champion claims they’re made of limestone. There’s a lot of limestone being mined in this area.

We have no clue what they mean by forestry products. Maybe that means wood, or sawdust or something like that but anyway the idea is better for the environment.

The big difference with the WheelyBird 2.0 is that you have an included remote control. So that’s the big deal because it’s about the same dollar amount for the unit. The remote supposedly works up to 125 120 yards.

7. Trius 1-Step Trap – Best Manual One Step Thrower

Keeping up your shooting skills in the off season does not require an expensive trip to the range.

You can often do it yourself very easily.

Please get permission if you have a little spec of land, you can use something like the Trius One-Step Trap machine from Lyman.

Step machine actually been around for a long time, maybe around fifty or sixty years.

Its basically a stepped trap machine which allows the trap shooter to throw a clay target in the air with his foot and then fire the weapon.

It works fairly well and it will throw singles or doubles.

It’s very easy to use this trap as an individual, just by yourself . If you are a target busting challenge shooter and need a little time to practice.

This is the ideal product to do it with. Assembly on the Trius 1-Step Trap is very easy.

It took about 10 minutes with a couple of adjustable wrenches. It’s easily adjusted for height and distance and you can also throw doubles with it.

Trius One-Step Trap

Check Price

Trius 1-Step Trap is basically a three legged trap and it has points on the front leg which go into the ground.

The back leg is just a long straight piece and it has step on it. One of my favorite features about the Trius 1-Step is how easy it is to cock.

It’s activated by pushing on the foot paddle with either foot.

What happen is when you push that step down it will releases the thrower and spring swings around throwing out your clay target.

You can throw one or two clays at one time which stacked on top of each other.

Quite a bit of features on this trap consider that you are on tight budget or maybe just starting to try out to shoot clay.

Its not very heavy and easy to pick up, carry and move around.

No other manual thrower that can really beat the Trius 1-Step trap from Lyman.

This trap machine appears to be a very solid construction, simple and affordable.

You can get it online at amazon.com or Midway USA but i found it cheaper at amazon marketplace.


The fact that you get a quite thrower that will actually not only throw one clay but it will throw two clay targets and also throw on top of each other or they will throw them out from right to left.

Thats a pretty good value for what you get.

This is a simple step trap and really good for the price tag which is around $80 to $100 US dollar.

It is a reasonable price for something that is durable and will let you shoot a clay target even if you are shooting alone.


It does shake a little bit when you step on it, so you may take a little bit to get used to when you are trying to shoot and step on it at the same time.

8. Do-All Outdoors Professional Single 3/4 Cock Trap

Do all outdoors has been really really proud of this trap. This is a true sporting clay type trap and have three pivot mount.

What is interesting and unique about this trap is it actually has a true one-way roller bearing clutch.

It iss super quiet and easy to cock and gives you enough power to throw a single or doubles standard target.

You can also throw all five clay types as single or stacked doubles.

The cocking mechanism swings back around 3/4 of the way so you don’t have to make a long, strenuous reach every time you reload.

The unique design can be set up as a bench supported by a trailer hitch.Take this portable

clay thrower with you to your backyard or any open country for hours of practice and fun.

Do All Outdoors 3/4 Cock Pro

Check Price

Compared to some of the cheaper full cock trap, this pro single is extremely solid.

We are talking about large nuts, really strong welds, it got a handle that really gives you a good firm grip.

The elbow is really well made. It is just like a big block of metal. All of this features are really important when we are talking about throwing clays.

It is simply because with the full cock trap, they kind of snap in and get all jiggling and come out of the ground.

But this trap, especially with the counterweight on it, it doesn’t move that much at all. So it really helps and give you a smooth launch.

Most of the time, this manual thrower was sold for $199 dollar in the general good price range.

Some seller try to push this item for as high as $250 dollar or maybe more. That is a little crazy and we wouldn’t suggest you to buy this machine with that price tag.

You should buy it when it is on sale, either through amazon or eBay store, even Cabelas sometimes they have good prices.

Just keep in mind that paying more than $200 US dollar is kind of crazy for this model or any manual ¾ hand cock clay thrower.

  • Throw singles or stacked doubles
  • Solid and heavy duty
  • 10 years warranty or 1 million clays

Too expensive for a manual thrower

9. Do-All Outdoors Backyard 3/4 Cock Claw Hawk Trap

We have trying the full cock trap, and they don’t last that long.

The full cock trap that we try is not really the best materials, not really the best build, it is a waste of money for the most part.

The do all Outdoors is pretty much the common ones that you will find online.

They got a couple different models. There is the one that just on the stand, they also got the one that has seat, they got the professional version and backyard version.

*Do-All Outdoors 3-Quarter Clayhawk Pro Model has been discontinued by Do All Outdoors and is no longer available!

  • Cheap
  • 10 years warranty or 1 million clays

10. Do-All Outdoors Competitor Full Cock Throw

It is pretty simple skeet trap and easy to operate. You will got a spring activated trigger, cocking mechanism and string release.

This is the low line trap, we don’t know how long its going to last.

We don’t know how good its going to hold up but overall it does a fine job.

We recommend that you mount it to either a tire or mount it to bench, something with some weight.

Because stakes in the ground don’t work too good especially if you stake it on dried dirt.

Doesn’t really matter what kind of dirt you got, its probably going to after a while.

This trap gonna be aggravating because its going to keep going to wiggle out. But anyhow, this is real simple manual trap thrower and its cheap!




Keep going to wiggle out

Best place to buy?

Clay pigeon thrower is commonly used at sporting clays courses, trap clubs, and shooting ranges.

Nowadays you can easily buy it online or at any stores that sell this for personal use.

Obviously you can get this machine cheaper online compared in-stores. Why online stores may be cheaper?  

Retailers rarely offer the same deals in the retail outlets as they do in their online stores.

What kind of thrower should I buy?

A clay pigeon thrower or trap is relatively simple but there are different kinds of thrower.

A few of the throwers have handled-device while others powered by batteries and capable of throwing a lot of clays automatically.

There are a few kind of clay pigeon throwers you may consider:

Auto-Feed Trap

Automatic clay pigeon thrower is normally powered by a 12-volt battery.

The clay are then released either by a wireless remote or foot-operated pedal.

With the long extension cords available for the foot pedal, you can easily change your angles around the machine, no matter where you’re standing.

champion wheelybird

This type of trap can store a stack of clays in a hopper and will systematically feed the clay one or doubles into the throwing mechanism.

The capability to store up to 50 clays in a cartridge at a time is a big advantage especially for advance shooters. 

You won’t need a helper to feed the clays at all times.

A good clay thrower usually comes with an eye opener price tag.

This kind of clay pigeon thrower is obviously more expensive compare to hand traps and manual non-electrical thrower.

But if you are really serious in shooting sports, then the price should not be a problem.

Manual Trap

This is a manual clay pigeon thrower. You will need to load and set the clay by hand into the machine arm. It works fairly well and can throw single or doubles.

It uses a spring-loaded device which is hand-cocked which will then released by hand or foot. do all pro 3 quater cock

A few manual trap to consider:

  • Seated-trap thrower – You will need a helper to feed the clays at all times.
  • Step-trap – Allows one person to throw and shoot.
  • String-release – The target is thrown by a simple pull of string assisted by a helper.

If you have a tight budget, this manual thrower is the best choice for you to consider instead of buying the more expensive auto-feed battery powered throwers.

Hanheld Thrower

This product is the least expensive to clay thrower.

It is a plastic hand-held device which grips and releases the target when a

MTM Clay Target Thrower

person swings it.

You can get this device as low as $8 in amazon.com. Plus more, with this

device you can launch clays at any angle you prefer.

It is advisable to practice to throw the clays. The thrower can launch single or two clays at a time.

Champion WheelyBird Vs Do All Raven

Making a comparison between both is unavoidable because they come with a lot of similarities.

Let’s look at the likenesses of the features among WheelyBird and Raven :

  • Both have built in wheels with handle
  • Wheels is made from plastic
  • Foot pedal cord ( can be extended )
  • Powered with 12 volt cycle battery
  • 50 target capacity
  • Thrower capability – 50 to 60 yards
  • Clay cycle time – 2 to 3 seconds
  • Origin from China
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Adjustable angle
  • Comes with DVD and manual assembly instruction

Hand-Held Thrower : Skeet/Trap on a Budget

The last two products is MTM Clay Target Thrower with Pivotal Arm Swing and SureThrow Clay Target Thrower.

These two products are the least expensive solution to throw a clay pigeon.

It is a plastic hand-held device which grips and releases that clay pigeon when a person swings it.

You can get this low-tech device at as low as $8 in amazon.com marketplace plus more with this simple device you can launch a clay at any angle you want.

You need to practice a little bit to throw the clays and the thrower can launch only one or two clays at a time.

MTM Clay Target Thrower with Pivotal Arm Swing

I may said that this is the world’s easiest, hand-held clay target thrower.

No tricky gimmicks, no tangled bands or expensive mechanics to fumble with, just easy, affordable clay launching fun.

The EZ-3’x new (patent pending) Power Pivot Arm makes sending clays easier than ever before.

People who normally lack the arm strength for a hand-held target thrower suddenly find themselves with no mechanical adjustments, means hours of challenging, fast paced shooting fun, at a price, less than a box of birds.

WingOne W1-R Hand-Held Clay Pigeon Thrower

Wing One makes clay throwing almost effortless with their revolutionary design and quality construction.

WingOne makes their products here in United States, I think its somewhere in Montana.

Not a lot to say about this hand held thrower just because how simple it is and it just got one moving part that works great, and that is the reason why it works so well.

But there is a couple of things I like about it. First, because it never breaks clay while lunching.

Second, it is very easy to use, even your grandparents can throw clay with it for sure.

And third, you can throw clay pigeon anyhow you want it, meaning that the clay fly just like the trajectory of a bird.

Wing One hand held thrower


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