The New Champion WheelyBird Auto-Feed Trap 2.0

This year, 2018, Champion has come out with the new WheelyBird 2.0 and it’s got a few advantages over the original WheelyBirdchampion wheelybird 2.0 Auto-Feed Trap Thrower.

Anyway, the old WheelyBird had just done a fantastic job that still works great today.

In this article, we will go over a couple of the most obvious things that differentiate between those two trap machine.

Champion WheelyBird Auto-Feed Trap 2.0 Review

The first thing that we can see is that the WheelyBird 2.0 got a bit larger wheels.

The wheels are not supportive with just a bolt but the wheels are supported with 62 o2 2 RS double-sealed Conrad type ball bearings.

So it’s a nice upgrade on the wheels.

Second thing, this may seem like a minor thing but the the top of the target magazine, the little horseshoe shaped used to be plastic and it’s better made now.

The good thing is, it is made from a piece of stamped steel metal so it should be less prone to wobble.

The cycle time has also been improved down to 1.75 seconds, so a little snappier cycle

But the really big news is the wireless remote. For the WheelyBird 2.0, wireless remote is not an add-on, it’s not an option, that’s included in the box.

You still get the conventional foot pedal so you push in that foot pedal with your foot or press it with your hands. You can do it on your own, or a buddy can do it for you.

If you keep your foot on the foot pad, it will just throws continuously until you’ve expended all fifty clays.

So that’s still included for people that like that. But now we have a wireless remote.

It’s easy to change it out. It’s just a little three plug adapter.

You just need to unplug the foot pedal array, get your wireless remote and that’s affixed to the back of the thrower with a piece of velcro on the back of the receiving unit and a matching piece of velcro on the back of the target thrower itself.

Now you see a little tiny light sending unit which is super easy to use.

One thing that’s interesting is, it’s not just merely a remote but you have an adjustable delay.

There can be no delay at all, you hit the button and you get a bird, or a little wrist at on the side of the sending unit where you can adjust the delay all the way up to 15 seconds which is a good long while waiting for a bird.

How to assemble

To assemble the WheelyBird 2.0 you don’t need all that much. Most of the bolts are 13 millimeter.

The main four bolts that picks the thrower itself to the stand are 16 millimeter.

Others are a 13 millimeter socket and a 16 millimeter socket, a number 2 phillips and your favorite pair of pliers you’re about set.

We use the Nemo’s pliers for only one thing and that’s knocking in the external snap ring that holds the wheels on.

It took about half an hour, it’s pretty much self-explanatory, the instructions are very good.

If you wish you can fix the the orange rubber little guardrail with the ferris wheel type spokes.

That’s easy enough to put on, the only difference is that it’s orange and we believe the original WheelyBird was just a white hose.

The battery

It is not necessary to use a marine battery with the original WheelyBird or with WheelyBird 2.0. You can use a common automotive battery.

The fact that we have been using the same batteries for the last four years, it’s 550 cold crank amps battery and we have never run out of gas in the clay shooting session.

You can burn through 50 targets pretty darn fast.

The WheelyBird 2.0 give about 52 yards with a vertical throw about 52 yards, with the original without excessive spring tension and didn’t have it cracked all the way down.

It’s extremely snappy and we had seen a few broken clays with a couple of these trap machine in the shooting show and it really did a good job.

We will actually measure it when we get down to the shooting area.

We will measure the throwing distance and compare the difference between the WheelyBird 2.0 and the original WheelyBird.

We suspect it’s good for an extra 10 yards, maybe a little bit more, that would be our guess.

The 15 seconds Delay

15 seconds are the maximum delay you can get on your throw.

When you push the button, it doesn’t look like much is happening and you almost have time to take a set the dr. pepper or a bite of your favorite Snickers bar.

15 seconds is a long time and this is the maximum delay you can set it out. So you’ll have a lot of fun with this.

You can go from zero delay and about any increment in between since it’s just the wrist at without specific stops.

So it’s not two or three speeds, it’s really essentially infinite from zero delay to 15 seconds.


So that’s it, we think champion is really going to sell a ton of this.

It’s an improvement in every way over the original WheelyBird and the original was pretty darn good.

The wireless remote alone you’re just gonna have to have one without any up-charge, it’s just the way it comes.

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