Clay Pigeon

weightofclaypigeonThe clay pigeon that being used in clay shooting competition, made a journey on its way very similar to the flight of a pigeons.

The dish is made from a clay, mainly sand and tar and the dimensions is 110 mm. The total weight is 110 grams. The color of the plate should be the most visibility, usually the best known currently is orange although there are also black, white, yellow, green etc.

What ever colour it is, the dish should look good against the background of the field and under normal light. The fragility of the dishes is relative; must resist the force of the machine when fired at a distance of 80 meters and be easily broken with the official cartridges.claypigeondiameter

A = WEIGHT 105 g. ± 5 g.imag12

E = BASE HEIGHT 11 mm. ± 1 mm.

B = 110 mm DIAMETER BASE. ± 1 mm.

F = HEIGHT OF RING SPINNING 7 mm. . ± 1 mm.

SPINNING RING C = 95 mm. – 98 mm.

G = HEIGHT OF THE PROJECTION * 8 mm. ± 1 mm.

TOTAL HEIGHT D = 25 mm. – 26 mm

H = HEIGHT OF THE BASE AND RING 18 mm. ± 1 mm.

Its thickness or height total is 25 or 26 cm. Its shape gives the aerodynamic design and flight stability.


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